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About Us

Very few in cybersecurity deeply understand both attacker mindset and techniques; how they deliberate; how they create exploits and how they prioritize targets. The gap between attacker mentality and defender methodology stacks the odds in favor of an attacker. That’s because attackers only need to find a single access point to infiltrate a network, while defenders must protect each and every asset 24/7/365.

Recognizing this plight, many security teams spend significant time, money and resources deploying cybersecurity products in a futile effort to protect assets. However, the available tools cannot keep up with evolving threats and multiplying vulnerabilities – especially those proliferating from the Internet of Things (IoT).

RunSafe Security is the pioneer of a unique cyberhardening technology for vulnerable embedded systems and devices. The company is led by former U.S. government cybersecurity specialists who know how attackers think about problems, how they weaponize attacks and how they choose targets.

With the ability to make every embedded system and device functionally identical but logically unique, RunSafe Security renders threats inert by eliminating attack vectors and denying malware the uniformity required to propagate. By precluding a single exploit from spreading across devices, RunSafe Security disrupts the traditional economics of attacks and denies th